This purpose built nursery, only recently constructed, is a place of lovely light and space where little ones, from new babies to 11 years old, are looked after during the day. Whilst the new building offered a delightful environment in most aspects, the acoustics were left somewhat wanting, and as you can imagine, noise levels can get very high at times

Following an acoustic survey we were able to ascertain methods of reducing the problems and offer a few options that would make the areas more user friendly

After the client gave us with their wishes for a design and colour scheme to match in with the nursery’s existing look, we drafted some ideas for printed acoustic panels for their approval

Once the designs and colours were finalised, Atkinson Acoustiprint ® was applied to Ecophon Solo panels prior to installation, in addition to which, plain ones were fitted in the hall and two of classrooms, providing instant acoustic improvement for staff and children alike


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Next up, this project in Manchester where we have fitted shaped sections of Autex Cube directly to walls in various meeting rooms. ...

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